1. Audit & Assurance

We provide unparalleled support to a multitude of esteemed clients in the role of their Statutory Auditors, ensuring the utmost confidence among the stakeholders.

2. GST & Indirect Taxation

where we offer Compliance Handholding, Tax Advisory & Opinions, Compliance Review, Agreement Restructuring, Refunds, Litigations & Appeals, Representations with Governments and Customs & FTP Consulting.

3. Direct Taxation

Return Filings, Compliance Handholding, Tax Planning, Assessments, Litigations & Appeals, Corporate Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Cross Border Taxation

4. Process Quality Consulting

Process Quality Consulting is dedicated to assisting you in uncovering opportunities for enhancement and guiding you towards achieving a distinct advantage in the market.

5. System Audit Assurance & Cyber Security

The rampant increase in white-collar crimes and economic offenses throughout the corporate world presents a grave danger to accurate financial reporting and leads to the devaluation of assets for stakeholders such as investors, creditors, workers, suppliers, and others.

The data within companies must be carefully monitored and analyzed to avoid or uncover significant losses. Our strategies aim to close the divide between anticipated outcomes and the obstacles faced in day-to-day operations.

6. Forensics

In light of the prevailing discussions and apprehensions surrounding fraud, coupled with the alarming prevalence of management overrides of controls, the demand for forensic services has reached unprecedented heights. These concerns have taken center stage in boardrooms, necessitating a comprehensive approach to address the various facets of fraud.

Our bespoke services are meticulously designed to foster a comprehensive collaboration with our esteemed clients, encompassing preventive measures, detection strategies, and robust defense mechanisms. By engaging with us, our clients can rest assured that their interests are safeguarded across the entire spectrum of fraudulent activities.

7. Start-up Services

Startups emerge from the visionary minds of ambitious entrepreneurs who aspire to create exceptional products or services that cater to an existing demand. These enterprises embark on their journey with substantial expenses and constrained income, relying on the invaluable assistance of venture capital. Our unwavering commitment lies in nurturing these enterprising individuals, guiding them through each stage of their expansion, and empowering them to ascend as the unrivaled pioneers of the global market in the days to come.

8. Virtual CFO

We extend comprehensive accounting and CFO services, as well as internal audits for non-audit clientele.